3rd party GPS (?)

I am wondering if the RS4D Shake can be configured to use a 3rd party GPS.
The context is that I intend to install my Shake distant from my house to minimize noise as best I can but it will be too far away for Wifi. So I attach a mobile 4G/5G modem to a USB port. It just so happens the modem has inbuilt GPS. So I am wondering if it can be used instead of the GPS unit you sell.

Hello bryn51,

Yes, installing the Shake in such a way is a great method to lower local ambient noise. In theory, your GPS Module could work with your Shake in that configuration, but unfortunately, it is not supported by us.

This is because there are so many different GPS makers/models around, and, while we have tested quite a few, in the end, we recommend our GPS module because we know it works best with our combination of software and hardware.

You can try to see if your GPS module is recognized (NTP and GPS timing details — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake), but it is likely that you will have to research around a bit and come up with a compatible solution if you want to use it.