3D/4D all offline?

I’m looking at the station view screen and it is only showing data from 1D units. All 3D and 4D around the world are showing “DATA NOT AVAILABLE.” Even in the app my units are showing as offline, but on rs.local I see both of my units are saying they are online and data is showing in the helicorder.

Am I crazy or are 1D units the only ones showing as online??


Hello Kamuiknight, and welcome to the community!

No, what you were seeing was the network’s current status at the time. It’s an issue that appeared over the weekend and that we are continuing to work on.

Data is actually there (if you open the Shake’s relative DataView page, for example this 4D: Data View: Raspberry Shake Data Visualization Tool) but is lagging behind and thus does not appear in colors on StationView or in the station right panel when clicking on it.

We continue our work on this and the more general server issue. Thank you for your notification and your patience while we address this problem.