300' dry well

yeah, drilled a water well and came up dry and now i have this ~300’ very expensive hole and i’d like to do something with it. i’m on an island in the pacific northwest. drilling began ~150’ above sea level.

seismographs in wells? something to consider? stupid idea? suggestions?



Hello kenb, and welcome to the community!

A seismograph all the way down there would be an amazing placement, with very little ambient noise! You could be able to detect faint movements from very small local quakes, or very distant events.

The only caveat, so to speak, is that you would have to put the entire Raspberry Shake ensemble (I would advise for an outdoor enclosure) at the bottom of the well, as cables that long between the sensors and the electronic boards would create issues.

Is that a possibility for you? How large is the well you’ve drilled?
To your knowledge, is the area where the well is located an active earthquake area, or are there not too many events during the year?

With your answers, we can discuss more about the best model you require.