20221213-201149 UTC Finland

2,4 mag earthquake was located in Finland 62.755 / 30.226
I can not find it from the SN listing. Why is that? Or is the list only quakes seen by SN stations?
Br. boompekka

Hello boompekka, great to hear from you again!

Thank you for this notification. Regarding why this event has not been automatically calculated and added to our system, the likely reason is that these types of calculations require a minimum number of stations of good data quality to generate an automated earthquake solution.

If all the stations provide excellent data, then 6 is the minimum requirement, but, as you also noticed, it can be hard to reach this threshold, so as quality depends on density, working with less than ten/twenty Shakes would make it difficult to precisely locate such small events.

Maybe, in the future, with more and more Shakes added to our network, this will become a reality. It is surely one of our objectives!