1st Connection


I just received my Raspberry seismograph, connected it via the ethernet cable to my router and powered it up but cannot seem to access http://rs.local or any variation on that log in. I am using Chrome and an Macbook pro running OS10 El Capitan.

I have logged into my router but cannot see any reference to RS or Raspberry etc.

Am not too techi but enough to follow some hints.



Assuming you used the ethernet cable that came with the device, and you are connecting it to an open port on the router (not the input port for your Internet, but a device port - they are different) than it could be that the Shake has not received an IP address. IP addresses are generally requested via something called DHCP from your network router during the boot sequence. If you had your Shake up and operational at the time the connected it to the router, that may not have happened. A good thing to do is to shut down and power off your Shake, make sure the Shake is connected to your router, then start the shake. Give it a few minutes to complete it’s boot sequence, and then check to see if you see it on RS.Local.

Good luck!

Hello Slidingrock,

Can you try to find your Shake with an app like Fing (https://www.fing.com/products/fing-app ) in your local network?

If Fing manages to find them, can you try to connect to your station by entering its IP address in the address box? It is the equivalent of typing rs.local, and it should get you to the same page.

Eir Moden.pngHi,

Tks for the help.

Unfortunately the Fing app is not available in the Irish App Store !

I tried the following;

i) changed ports on the router
ii) changed ethernet cables

Both failed to produce an IP address on the router.

I attach a screen shot from the Router with the Ethernet cable in LAN port 4 with my Mac desktop computer connected. I get the same message with the Raspberry seismograph connected.
With the above connection the Mac connected perfectly with the internet.

Any suggestions ?



Hello Kevin,

Unfortunately, the page you attached is very small, and enlarging it makes it not readable. Could you please re-attach it again, or upload it to an online service like imgur (if it doesn’t contain sensitive information about your network configuration, naturally).

Thank you.

Hi, Hopefully the attached are more readable.




Thank you for the new images, now they can be seen just fine.

This is quite strange, and it could be that there is some kind of corrupted file that creates problems in the IP and DNS assignment from your modem/router.

Could you please verify that, when you turn on your Shake, the three colored LED on it behave in the way described in the following manual page?


This could give us insight into what could be wrong. Thank you.

I have checked all the lights as you requested and they are doing exactly as described in the manual.

Thank you Kevin, we now know that the Shake boots up in the correct way, so on that side, everything should be working fine.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an iOS device, but I found this link in the Irish App Store for Fing, could you see if it works to download the app? https://apps.apple.com/ie/app/fing-network-scanner/id430921107#?platform=iphone

If it doesn’t, well explore other avenues.

Thanks a million… success !
Now back to the set up guidance etc.
Hopefully I can follow the instructions.



No problem!

If you need anything else, just let me know. Enjoy your Shake!