0.5 Hz noise source

Using my RS1D, I consistently do see a noise peak around 0.5 Hz. I did a pretty good job creating an enclosure for my RS1D, so no trivial source of vibration.

Anybody has seen something like this ?

Here is a 24 hours plot that can be examine using the frequency tool:


Hello benoithschillings, welcome to our community!

I browsed a bit on DataView looking through your plots in recent days, but the only constant noise I could see was a signal between 5 and 10 Hz.

Could you please post a couple of screenshots where the 0.5 noise is evident? Thank you.

I observed this with my two RS1Ds as well and after further investigation, I wrote this:

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thank you TideMan, super informative. I am about 15 miles away from the pacific coast, so this is a good explanation.

I just built a “vault” for my instrument which improves my S/N by nearly a factor of 2, but that frequency is still present.

I will pay attention to see a correlation to the waves at the coast.

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Here are some examples:

In the time domain, you can pretty easily see that there is a 1/2 Hz periodic component.

The fourier transform shows a lot of energy around the same frequency.

– benoit

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