The signal of workmen

I have workmen replacing the roof of the beach cottage where RC144 is housed.
Here is the record from yesterday:

You can see that they started work just before 8 am - there was a 5 deg frost, so things must have been pretty cold, but as it warmed up, their activity level built up. At just after 10, I arrived for a site inspection and the men went off for morning “smoko” while the foreman showed me around. Then at 1:30, they knocked off for lunch, but only spent 20 min before they were back at work. They knocked off for the day at 3:15.

Will they claim a full day’s wages? And if they do, will I be able to dispute that using this record?

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Hi TideMan,

Sorry to disturb you again. What frequency are you getting from the foot movement?

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It wasn’t foot movement. It was a circular saw and hammering and other miscellaneous noise. In other words, white noise, which has no preferred frequency.