Stand-alone Raspberry Shake not picking up GPS time

I’m trying to use a Raspberry Shake that has been sitting in a cupboard for about a year. I want to use it stand-alone, without an internet connection.

Whatever I do, it doesn’t seem to get the time from the GPS. The time that is set is about a year ago, strangely coincident with when it was put away.

The log files can be seen here: Dropbox - RSH.R22F5.2020-08-13T23_06_41.logs.tar - Simplify your life


this is a known bug in v0.18 which is fixed in v0.19, coming very soon…

if you’d rather not wait for the automatic system update, you can apply a manual fix for this described in a previous post here.

apologies for the inconvenience,

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many thanks for the info

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