New RS3D (R4FA0) not connecting to server

The static lines are missing from the start of the dhcpcd file…


I found the issue, and apologies for not having noticed it before.

In your new Shake’s dhcpcd.conf file, you have written

staic routers=

instead of

static routers=

Basically, missing a t. If you correct this and then re-execute sudo service dhcpcd restart you should be good to go. If the Shake doesn’t connect quite rapidly, then do another sudo reboot.

Thank you so much mate! I owe you a beer!



I was just watching your Shake DataView page waiting for the data to come in!

Always welcome sheeny! I don’t drink, but I’ll take a good cup of tea when I manage to come in Australia (have family there too!)

Enjoy the new Shake, I love what my 3D can see!

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