Data usage on gprs cell modem

Do you know what the likely data usage would be with a 1D on a gprs cell modem … my calculations based on technical specs came to 100GB per month which seems high ( and expensive)

Hi Paul,

The transmission rate averages approximately 2.0 GB/mo/channel and maxes out at ~3.5 GB/mo/channel (average of 5 bytes per data point, max of 11). At the moment our network data usage is significantly higher than disk usage, since the data is stored as compressed binary (miniSEED) but shipped as uncompressed ASCII. We are working on a solution to this, but as it stands right now the number is nowhere near 100 GB/mo.

I can post the full formula if you’d like.


Thanks, can you check for me. I might need to find a workaround as cell data of 20gb per month on 24 stations quickly becomes quite expensive.

Do you have any experience of communication with rshakes that are on gprs modems, if I could ssh and FTP into them I could just download the data that I need (or maybe direct seedlink ). Not sure how to sort out the port forwarding though

Cheers Paul

Paul, not sure if you misread my message but average data usage is 2 GB/mo when Forwarding is turned on (not 20; there’s a decimal point in there).

I don’t personally have experience with GPRS, but there are resources out there that can give you some idea of what to expect for different Pi/GPRS setups. I think one or two of our forum users also has experience. However, each ISP differs slightly so you’ll want to contact your ISP to get the details of how to connect remotely in your case. Because of this I don’t want to link you to something that’ll end up being wrong in the case of your particular ISP.

I think you’re right that direct connections from Seedlink or Earthworm would be the way to go, since I think data transmission in those cases is binary, and per-month usage (if seedlink were connected 24/7) would drop to about the storage size on disk, ~450 MB per channel per month. If you go this route, data forwarding to the Shake servers can be turned off on the web front end, and the data can still be accessed at Seedlink port 18000 or wave server port 16032, or in SWARM at either of these ports.

If you have any further questions, let us know.

Thanks for the indication. We installed 2 raspishake 4d in Kos island Greece but after 1.5 days we consumed the 5gb foreseen per month. This consumption does not fit with your indication of 2 gb/mo/channel as it would mean in our case 16 gb per month but in our case it would top to 50 gb per month per device or 8.3 gb per channel per month instead of 2.

use the ifconfig command to see how much eth0 or wlan0 is transmitting and receiving. Check it every 24 hours to benchmark it and figure out how much it uses daily.

i had just rebooted my pi, uptime is only 15 mins. it shows
wlan0: flags=…
RX packets 10205 bytes 1299184 (1.2 MiB)
TX packets 10379 bytes 5966923 (5.6 MiB)

uptime of 1 hour
RX packets 41545 bytes 5064209 (4.8 MiB)
TX packets 41690 bytes 25526045 (24.3 MiB)

Might be an initial traffic burst at boot then it slows down.