Converting counts in acceleration

Thanks for this information. We however are using the UPD to get the counts and calculate in another computer the velocity and acceleration in real time continously.

Therefore we prefer to start from the counts and obtain the acceleration and the velocity using the relation between counts and acceleration or velocity

In the Technical specification we have found the following

Sensitivity: V6: 3.9965E+08/meter/second

Is it correct that in reality should be
V6=3.9965E8 / (meter/second) ?

So that if we have 34560 counts, it corresponds to:

v=34560/3.9965E08 m/s=8.64e-5 m/s

Similarly, as you pointed out in another post, for the acceleration (ENE, etc), it would be if the counts are 67234, the acceleration would be:

acc=67234/2.845e5= 0.167 m/s2 -> 0.017 g

I would really appreciate your comment

hello alessandro,

instead of providing just the formula for this type of conversion, i would like to direct you to the following online resource which provides a complete explanation of what you are looking for:



Thanks Richard, very useful. My assumptions were correct