Access waveforms offline using Obspy


I am trying to access some waveforms in a particular timeframe in my offline RS3D device connected to my laptop via ethernet using Obspy.

Does anybody here have a sample code on what IP address and port I should have specified? My attempts have always yielded an output of “requested data lie in tank gap” even though I am certain that the device has recordings on that particular queried time.

Thank you very much!

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Converting counts in acceleration?


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Hello opch, welcome to our community!

The manual page linked by Alejandro can be of use. You will have to, however, import the data files from the Shake to your PC/laptop before being able to run it correctly.

If you, instead, want to use the code with the data files still on the Shake, you may be able to adapt the offline version of this script that I have developed in the past, using the paramiko python package to interface with the access protocols of the Shake itself, and acquire the data from there.