WIN SDR question

Hi is anyone familiar with WIN SDR software? I am trying to connest my RS3D with WIN SDR. Last year everything worked just fine, but now I am getting message in Win SDR " Shake output queue overflow and Time diference to high.
I have synced my comp with atomic clock…
Any idea what should be wrong?


Hello Marco,

I can see your Shake streaming live correctly on our network, so I have to assume (I can be 100% sure only with the logs, if you want to attach them to your answer) that everything is fine Shake-side.

I also reviewed current and past data provided from your instrument and there is no apparent problem that jumps out of the frame. Since your PC is atomic-clock synchronized, there should be no issue on that side too.

Since it seems that from our side everything is working nominally, I must conclude that there is some kind of setting or workaround for WinSDR that, once done, will help in displaying correct data. I encourage you to contact “Larry Cochrane” on the “PSN mailing list” here: who developed the software to see if he has suggestions on this subject.

Ok I will try there, thanks.