Wi-Fi modem models compatible with my RS1D?

I have a doubt

Soon I will move my RS to a new location and I’m thinking of buying a mobile Internet modem

The mobile internet, in particular these modem models are compatible with my RS1D?

Thanks for your answers.

Hello ElSismologo54,

From our side, they could be compatible with our Shake models. However, there are so many different types of such devices that you will have to look around to see if they are working properly after they are connected to the Shake.

We provide basic setup instructions on our manual, here: How to setup USB GPRS — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake and, as written, we know that the Geneko devices seem to work fine if you can find them in your country.

If you manage to get them working, please tell us, so that we can add them to our list! Thank you!

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