What is the simplest setup for my Boom and Shake in a school demo?

I do a lot of classroom presentations, and would like to bring my new Shake and Boom to classrooms to show how they work and respond. Given that school wifi connections can be difficult to access, I am wondering what the simplest arrangement would be.

I would like to have a self-contained setup where I can bring my laptop directly connect to my shake and boom sensor. Would I need to bring an ethernet hub and cables, or is there some wifi mode I can use directly?

Thanks for any assistance.

The Shake expects to connect to a wired LAN with DHCP server. And it is not recommended to activate the wireless lan adapter in the Shake. To get around both issues, I can suggest you get an inexpensive “travel router” like https://www.amazon.com/GL-iNET-GL-MT300N-V2-Repeater-300Mbps-Performance/dp/B073TSK26W . I have not used this specific device, but it seems to have the required features. You would connect the shake to the ethernet LAN port and connect your laptop wirelessly to the travel router. You can ignore the WAN port. There may be other ways to configure it. If you already have a home router that is old/obsolete, you might be able to re-purpose that as well.