What does the setting "Helicorder Scaling Value" do?

My raspberry shake is now working so I am getting used to what is where and what it does etc.

However, I was on the settings/data page and saw a setting named: " Helicorder Scaling Value". The current value was 0.5. I have changed this value to various values both higher and lower than 0.5 and the resulting helicorder images look just the same.

I assumed that this setting was going to increase or decrease the image size but that is not the case, for me at least (using latest Firefox).

There is no “i” (information) icon for this; maybe one could be added?

In the documentation there is the line: " You can adjust the helicorder’s scale by visiting the Raspberry Shake’s webpage at http://rs.local/ >> Settings >> Advanced >> Helicorder Scaling Value." but it does not say what effect changing the value has.

I don’t know the answer to your question, and that’s because I use Swarm, not the RS page.
IMHO, your time would be better spent learning Swarm. It has some great features and is easily configurable.

As you have suggested I have just downloaded Swarm and will try that later today.

As a naturally curious person that builds control systems for a living, I always like to know what everything does. I guess I am a control freak.

The Helicorder Scaling Value modifies the amplitude of the waves visible on the GIF helicorder at http://rs.local/heli, however it’s important to keep in mind that the heli images are just a QC feature (given that there are better ways to interact with the data).

Some reasons why you might be seeing this behavior: the helicorder doesn’t update more than once every 2 min, so you likely won’t see anything happen right away. It also may take half a day or so (when it generates a new GIF) to properly scale all waveforms in the image.

Thanks for that info. You are right, it takes time for the change come through.

Someone else recommended getting to grips with SWARM and that looks like the way to go.

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