V0.18 issue - SWARM download link not working

v0.18 is loaded on my shake. When I try to download the version of swarm the link shows http://xxx.xxx.xx.xxx/download/SWARM.zip but nginx reports a 404 not found error.

Bug #2, Station view button on links / data and the icon on the bottom of the home page only goes to http://raspberryshake.net/

Bug #2, Station view button on links / data only goes to http://raspberryshake.net/

hi andayaz,

this is strange, this code hasn’t changed since the beginning, and it works for me just fine. the zip file is generated at bootup, can you try to restart and see if that fixes the problem? if not, please send along your log files so i can have a look?



that’s correct, and at the bottom of that page, you will find individual station view, boom view, and events view.