Using multiple Shakes

Hi people, nice to meet you all.

I’ve purchased (Kickstarter) several Shake models quite some time ago. Decided to start using them recently.
Started with a 1D. Hardly any problems and got it running.
Then I wanted to connect the 4D I bought. Also relatively simple with one exception. Couldn’t get it connected:
Server Connectie : Niet geconnecteerd

Have tried many things as suggested in this forum and in the Shake help.
Even after making a new SD with the proper software, other than connecting to my local network it stops there.

No way to get it connected to the Shakenet. Also locally I can’t get to see the signals generated by this device.

Anything else I could do to get it running properly?

Is it anyhow possible to run multiple shakes from the same address/network?


there is no issue with multiple shakes on the same network. something else must be going on.

please forward the log files so we can have a look.



Thanks for reacting.

Is this the correct response? Was the only thing I saw within the Shake configuration.

RSH.R5344.2020-06-26T18 16 46.logs.tar (164 KB)

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I already replied to your request the same day in the forum.
Maybe that wasn’t correct?

Therefore I send you the same file again by email.

Thank you for helping me out.

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RSH.R5344.2020-06-27T10 46 12.logs.tar (336 KB)


apologies for the late answer. the log files indicate that access to the network is failing, though it is unclear why. can you try downloading again the image and reburning your SD card, there was a recent update to the image (reverting from buster to stretch, but not for a reason having to do with networking) that may have an effect on this, i would be very interested to know if reverting to the stretch release has any effect.

also, can you forward the log files for the unit that is working okay? i’d like to compare the two units to see if that could shed any light on this.

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Hi Richard!

These are the logs of the other Shake (1D).

I’ll let you know later if the other SD version brings any

Thanks for helping.


RSH.R73A1.2020-07-04T13 18 04.logs.tar (1.22 MB)

I already downloaded the software on June 25 and installed it on a new SD card for the 4D.
The most recent version I can find now, is from 4 months ago so must be the same.
Doesn’t seem to be useful to redo it again. Or should I anyhow?

By the way, Shakes were purchased in 2016 (1D) and 2017 (4D). I only recently installed and connected them.
Could there be hardware issues?


yes, the image to download was recently reverted. and your other unit is indeed an older version of the OS (jessie). hence my suspicion that it may be related to the OS version that is, for some reason, behaving differently for you.

(as annoying as it is, i know…) please download the currently available image, re-burn, and then send those log files along after you’ve restarted the 4D unit.

i absolutely do not think this is hardware-related.


Hey Richard!

That did it!
The 4D is now connected. Actually it is the only one in the Station View. The 1D-R73A1 has disappeared.

On my mobile app it is the reverse. In the list I see R5344 but states: Station offline.
The R73A1 is fully visible.

RSH.R5344.2020-07-04T16 04 21.logs.tar (80.5 KB)


In MyShake I see them both.


interesting, thanks for letting me know, i will having a deeper look at why the buster version was not behaving properly.

as for station view: the 1D is actually there, just obscured by your 4D since they have the same location. you can still see the 1D when providing the station name directly into the browser URL:

since the 4D has just come online, it will take a while to propagate through the various servers.

cheers, glad you’re up and running now,



thanks for your help.

I have a BOOM-kit somewhere lying around.
See what it does after building it together and connecting it.

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