Upgrading to Pi3 Model B+

I have an RS3D which was purchased as a turnkey RS from the shop.

I now have an RPi3-B+, which I would like to swap with the RPi3-B which the RS3D is using.
Is there anything special I need to do, or can I simply disassemble the existing RS3D, swap the Pi’s, move the SD car from the 3B to the 3B+, and off I go? (I realize the station name will change as the MAC address of eth0 will of course be different).


Hi Andrew,

There shouldn’t be anything special—but the OS may not be forwards-compatible with the B+. If this is the case, it will hang on boot. In that case I would say back up what you need on the card and re-burn the OS. The re-burned OS will recognize the B+ and configure properly on first boot.