Trouble downloading through fdsn


I’m trying to download data via the shake’s fdsn dataselect server using ObsPy. I’m following the example at:

But it doesn’t seem to work

Is the fdsn server up and running? Is the information in the example correct?


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Yes, it’s working. I just tested it, but I use Matlab, not Python.
So, your problem must be cockpit error.
Tell us exactly what you tried.

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After looking at it more closely, i think there are some errors in the code on that webpage…In the line:

waveform= client.get_waveforms('AM', R0D9C, '00', SHZ, starttime, endtime)

R0D9C and SHZ should be in quotation marks.

Also, it’s not clear that there is data available from that station at that time, maybe someone could verify that as well.

You’re correct, this code example is wrong. I will update the manual. Thanks for pointing this out.

It also looks like the underlying data for that station at that time has been archived. In the near future we will be updating our system to accommodate the data load we receive. At the moment, we can only handle requests going back about a year, but until then some of the older data will remain offline.

Meanwhile, this example will work:

from obspy.clients.fdsn import Client
from obspy import UTCDateTime
start_1 = "2019-10-01 00:00:00"
starttime = UTCDateTime(start_1)
endtime = starttime+600
client = Client(base_url='')
waveform = client.get_waveforms('AM', 'R24FA', '00', 'EHZ', starttime, endtime)


How long does it take for the data to be available on the server after initial setup and turning on Data forwarding?




Hi Lucas,

After my initial set up it was a couple days before I could access the data for my shake via the FDSN service.


Thanks for the info, Alex!

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