Sudden spike from RB-3D

I got a sudden a spike from RB-3D about 30%g. Ian kindly responded pointing that it might be due to a static electric and suggested grounding. Anyone has done grounding for RB? If so, would you describe. Thanks,

Hi Erol,

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. Unplugging and letting it sit for a minute should be sufficient. What I meant by grounding is just letting the device return to neutral charge.


I see, thanks. For permanent installation at remote sites, this doesn’t look like doable unless we install an IP-based power switch. Instead, can we use the ground pins to ground the RBS?

Hi Erol, I am curious: where did this data come from, the Shake or our FDSN server? If it came from the Shake, can you send us the sample you mentioned that includes the 30% g spike?

30% g came from my monitoring system, which uses continuous real-time data from RS-3D. It happened in the night time. I will email you the data.

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Hi Ian,

I just had the same problem again last night. RBS gave over 30%g on one channel only, see the attached waveforms and data (first column is time and second column is acc in cm/s/s).


QL.2000.01.HNN.dat (151 KB)

QL.2000.02.HNE.dat (152 KB)

QL.2000.03.HNZ.dat (151 KB)