Strong events help needed

2 questions:

  1. I had another event today. Now about 3 (once a week). Could you please help me understand what this represents? When I have these events my house shakes, dishes rattle, tv’s and pictures sway (and are left crooked on the walls) and sometimes my windows make a loud snapping noise as if they are about to crack. Basically my entire home feels as if it is being blown from it’s foundation.

  1. How can I get my events to post to this community event page?

With velocities of +/- 200 um/s, that is quite a strong event, yet it was not detected by the “official” agencies whose data contribute to the list you posted, even though they report EQs as small as magnitude 0.2.
They use data from 10 or more stations to identify the location, the strength and the depth of an EQ.
Perhaps your event was localised and therefore not detected by a sufficient number of stations for their algorithms to work.

My RS station is surrounded by “official” stations, yet from time to time, I detect events that they do not. However, such events are typically only +/- 1 or 2 um/s, i.e., 100 times smaller than yours.

Is it possible that you have a local phenomenon causing these events? Avalanches, perhaps?

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Further to my earlier post, I got intrigued with your events, so I plotted them off:

There are some points to note:

  1. They all look the same - this is suspicious.
  2. They all occur at around 16:45, except the first which is at 17:40 (daylight saving effect?) - this is suspicious.

I reckon your events are anthropogenic.


Thank you for your reply and plotting off these events! I just had another event today (4/27) @ 12:27p cst. What are your thoughts? This one was so strong, it rocked pictures on my wall, dishes in my cabinet rattled and it felt like my house was going to shake off the foundation.

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Given the timing, I’m wondering if a nearby quarry or mine is blasting at the end of the day shift, so that dust settles overnight and whatever materials are being extracted can be harvested the next morning…

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MRT1953: I guess that depends on the time zone. 16:45 is UTC, so unless Mountains703 is on the Greenwich meridian, it could be anytime of the night or day.
Mountains703: What is your time zone in hours from UTC?

According to this site:, RAFE2 is at 32 N -96 E (in Texas, I think), so that’s about 6 hours before UTC, making these events late morning.

Something happens late morning every week or so that shakes Mountain703’s house for a few seconds. What can it be?

Tideman, I missed the time was UTC on your event comparator plot…

TideMan and MRT1953 or anyone, please help me understand how to read my activity in plot form. Yesterday @ 1:21p, cst we had another powerful event to occur in our area of! I am new to this and eventually will understand how to operate my RSBoom entirely.

The only reason I was able to attach below is because I was home. Is there a way to capture activity when I am away without going through the whole day of activity?

Thank you!

Mountains703: there are lots of ways to access your data and plot them.
What you use depends on your programming ability.
I use Matlab because I have 25 years of experience using it and I bought for my work.
Others use Python with ObsPy.
If you have no programming experience, a great package is SWARM, but there’s a bit of a learning curve.
Here’s what SWARM gave me for your event:


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Thank you so much for all of your help and patience!

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