Strange password problem

I just got my Jam and my Shake running again after being offline for a long time. Burned 0.16 on the SD card. Everything works fine as long as I don’t change the SSH password. If I change it to anything other than the default, any action such as changing the helicorder scaling or days of retention, just hangs saying “attempting restart”. If I refresh the screen, I’m just back to where I was before trying to change something.

If I change the password back to shakeme, everything works again, the restart again works. I’ve tried it with just a plain lower case 6 letter word and it doesn’t work, even though it says it changed the password just fine and it works to let me change it back to shakeme. Just nothing else will work.

Both stations are displaying fine on the StationView.

August KG7BZRSH.R0868.2020-02-02T20_01_48.logs.tar (106.5 KB) RSH.RB91D.2020-02-02T20_02_19.logs.tar (302.5 KB)

Hi again @kg7bz—we are aware of this problem and are working on a fix. Thanks for your patience.

I am having the same issue setting mine up. Thanks for showing me the workaround :slight_smile:

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