Station offline, new ISP

Hello, I recently switched ISPs and my shake is showing offline. I manually changed the DHCP files to re-set the static IP and reflect the new gateway via SSH. I can successfully ping the gateway, name servers ( and even a website on the internet ( However, it still shows offline. I also opened up 55555 and 55556 (TCP) and 123 (TCP and UDP). Any thoughts? I did what I could by searching previous posts, thanks.

RSH.RDAC4.2021-12-20T16 50 23.logs.tar (3.9 MB)

Problem solved, my previous dhcpcd.conf file did not have the “interface eth0” line (it never did but worked before I believe?).
It now says I am “Connected” but my station (RDAC4) is not showing up yet. I’ll keep checking.

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Shows as connected, but not visible on Shakenet.

New logs here:

RSH.RDAC4.2021-12-21T00 51 45.logs.tar (3.9 MB)

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Hello Mrmah96,

Thank you for posting the logs and the status from your Shake. Nothing appears out of place, and, in fact, the instrument is visible streaming live here: RS StationView

Sometimes, when there is an ISP change, or some other network-related issue, the Shake can take up to 24h before appearing again on our services, such as StationView or the ShakeNet App.

Thank you for your patience in this.