Station not visible in shakenet

It used to work and i have not changed any of my internet hardware but we have moved with the sane isp provider. i have tried all the online suggestions. Shows connected in rs.local but not on shakenetRSH.R27D9.2022-10-29T19_10_46.logs.tar (3.6 MB)

From what I can see in the logs, your station seems to be connecting ok.
If you moved, I assume yo probably updated the location coordinates?
That may have something to do with the delay in data display.

I am sure that tech support (Stormchaser) will explain/fix this as soon as he gets back to work on Monday morning.

Yes i updated the location however even if that was left in the old place it should work just report wrong data. Hopefully will figure it out in the morning as you say. Of course we got a decent little earthquake and it was like oh i haven’t plugged it in yet in our move. Never recorded anything significant on the accelerometers.

I don’t know for certain, but I would guess that they would want to separate the data from two different locations, not just start adding new data from a different location to what is already there. That may take some sort of manual action?

Hello ScottsValley, and welcome to our community!

Let me also welcome you to our network! We are currently experiencing internal issues that are causing recently connected stations to not be visible on our services (StationView, DataView, etc.) and are working to solve them as quickly as possible. Hopefully, everything will be solved by the end of today (US time), but I will update you again as soon as I have news from our server team.

Thank you also for the logs. No particular issue is evident so your Shake is working as it should. Thank you very much for your understanding and patience in this.

Hello ScottsValley,

I have been informed that the issues have been solved, so your 3D should now be visible on StationView and our other services (here: RS StationView).

Enjoy your Shake!