Software re-installation

My raspbeeryshake is down and it looks like the SD card is bad. Where can I find the software with instructions to make a new SD-card?


discussion and instructions for this can be found in the manual here.



Thank you for your
help Ivor! I replaced the SD card, installed the software new
and my station is up and running again!

Best regards, Gerard

When I looked for help how to reinstal the software I got no
results when searching for ‘software installation’. ???

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Good point, I’ve now made that section of the manual clearer.

Hello Ian,

I can not login into ShakeNet any more. I tried to reset my
password, I get an email with a link to do that but the problem

combination does not exist.

Can you help?

I also have trouble with how to ask your support a question.
That is why I respond to an old problem. Do you have a support
email address?

Best regards, Gerard

Hello Gerard

I see no issues with your account in the database.

Are you successfully resetting the password with the link provided to you in the mail? Are you using your e-mail or username to log in? If one does not work, please try using the other.

If you still have issues, please e-mail me at me with your details and we’ll go from there.