Single point spikes

Ever since the server outage a couple of days ago, I’ve been getting these single point spikes:

Yet they are not present in the files I download from the RS:

Therefore they must be generated in the transmission of the data to the server or by the server itself.
This did not happen before the server outage.
What is going on?

Is this still an issue @TideMan?


Single point spikes still occur in both units (RS1D and Boom) at this site, but they are spasmodic - a few times per day.

Weird. I have never seen this before. Not sure what would cause it. I will write you offline.


This has randomly occurred on my Shake, but has NEVER interfered during an event trace. It is not occurring presently. I posted about it months ago on the Google Group and wondered about a stand alone battery supply incase it was AC power induced. It come and goes randomly.

This, of course, excludes the resident Gecho incursion into my shake months ago and it’s errant signal spikes.

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The spikes occur on both an RS1D and a RBoom at the same location, but in different rooms. In both cases, the spikes appear on the record from FDSN, but not in the files. To me, this says it is not the instrument, but the transmission to the server or the server itself that is generating the spikes.
Our internet connection is ADSL running on an aged copper-lines system that we’ve had numerous problems with. The lines company is loath to do anything about it because new technology is coming… But perhaps this is the problem? How could I check this?
Having said that, we stream video content all the time and have no problems with that, but perhaps that’s more forgiving than transmitting data?

At the exact same time?

INTERESTING. Please send an example file and the log files.

Without a doubt.


No, the spikes in the Boom occur at different times to those in the Shake.

I just tried uploading a file, but the system refused it because it’s larger than 4MB .
Do you have an ftp site?

Attached are the log (158.5 KB)

@wlee can we allow for larger files?


Upped the limit to 20M, hope that’s enough.

Here is yesterday’s file:
AM.RC144.00.SHZ.D.2019.196 (5.0 MB)


Buenos días.

I confirm that the data on the Shake is complete - no spike at 2019-07-15 16:23:07.629 (Julian day 196) as seen on the server. Also, there is no gap and no overlap at this time.

I do not see anything in the log files that tells me there was some problem with data transmission at this time.

Conclusion: These random spikes are generated after the data leaves the Shake.