Showing as offline in Shakenet App on iPhone/iPad

My Shake (R7C8B) appears to be functioning according to Shakenet through rs.local, but on IOS devices it is showing as offline. Swarm and Jamaseis are picking up the helicorder data - how come my iOS devices aren’t? any ideas?
Was working fine earlier today.


Hello Simon,

Do you still your Shake as offline on the Apple app, both on iPhone/iPad?

Have you tried to Clear the Cache from the Settings tab?
If it doesn’t work, you can try to logout and login again, or, as a last resource, uninstall the app, shut-off and turn on again your device, reinstall the app, and see if the Shake appears online.

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Hi, I finally found the clear cache option, so did that and it worked.after I’d logged out and back in again. Not sure what happened but
Picking up the shakes in Aberdeen again!


Glad to hear that!

Enjoy the App then!