Shakenet Android App

No earthquakes are displayed in the app.

Kind regards

Hello jheiler,

Thank you for notifying us about this.

On my app earthquakes are displaying again in the list, both filtered or not, so it must have been a temporary glitch.

I will nonetheless report your observation to our team, so that they will know what to look for. Thank you!

Nothing happened on my tab. It is not even possible for me to log-in. App Version is 12.10.2021.
Maybe it is a certificate problem?

I will report this too to our app team. A login issue is more problematic for sure.

Can you please try to clear the cache and see if that allows you to log in again? You can do it by going to the general settings of the app (low right corner) and tap Clear Cache.

You can also try to uninstall and reinstall the app from the store to see if this more ‘extreme’ solution works.

Could you also please tell me the model of the phone and what Android OS version are you using? Here’s a table list of all of them to make referencing easier: Android (operating system) - Wikipedia

Thank you.

I reinstalled the app without success.
My tab is a Galaxy S2, Android version is 7.0.

Kind regards

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Hello again jheiler,

Other users have experienced access issues too since yesterday and we have released a fast update this mornign to address the access problem that you are describing.

Could you please check if the app is now working normally again or if you are still experiencing issues?

Thank you.

Version does not work for me.

Kind regards

Any new information?

Hello jheiler,

We released v1.3.9 just yesterday, and I wanted to ask if, after this update, you were able to access it or not.

Could you please try to update it to the new version and see if the login works? This bug seems challenging to erase, and other users have reported similar events in the past.

If your login is again unsuccessful, could you please tell me the error message that appears?

Thank you.

I tried the new version: No event is shown, login is not possble with the remark, that user/password are wrong, but this is not correct. Reset password does not work. The app is simply dead.
Kind regards

Hello jheiler,

I asked for database verification again, just to be sure that we have not missed something.

This looks like something major, especially because of the blank list and the pass reset not working. Could you please provide brand and model of your phone (or device where you are using the app) so that we can try to re-create the issue on our emulators?

Thank you for the collaboration and patience on this matter.

Hello jheiler,

Our app team has investigated and discovered that your email domain was, for some reason, blocking us.

This may have been at the source of the issues that you have experiencing. We have contacted them and now everything should have been solved. We have tried to reset our passwords with the app button, and everything seem to work well.

Could I ask you to try logging in again, and if an error appears, to reset your password via the app (or via our ShakeNet portal, which share the login credentials)?

Thank you.

Sorry, my email Domain is

My tablet is a Galaxy Tab S2, Modell SM-T819, ,Android Version 7.0

Kind regards

Hello jheiler,

Thank you for the clarification about your email domain. I have passed it to our team and they have found no issue with it, so, at least, from a domain-to-domain communication perspective, we should be fine.

We have, however, found and corrected a certificate issue with Android version 7.0 that could be the cause of the problem you are experiencing.

Could you please try to log in again, possibly after clearing the cache of the Shake App (you can do it by going to the general settings of the app in the low right corner and tap Clear Cache)?

If an error appears, or something unexpected continues to happen, could you describe it for me?

Thank you for your collaboration.

Same problems as before: No event is shown, login is not possible with the remark, that user/password combination is wrong, but this is not correct.

Kind regards

Hello jheiler, we have implemented new certificates and a new fix for Android v7.0.

If your tablet has not done it yet, please update the Shake App to the latest version (v1.3.11) and then retry logging in. In our emulators everything works fine, so hopefully, these modifications will work for you too.

You can check what version you have installed by going to the general settings of the app in the low right corner, then tapping About Raspberry Shake and scrolling till the end of the page.

Thank you for your patience in this.

Thank you very much, now the app works.

Kind regards


This is great news @jheiler!

I’m happy to see that the App is working for you know, and thank you for bringing this problem to our attention. Hopefully, it will be useful for other people who have the App on Android v7.0.