Shake not connected to server or appearing in stationview

RSH.REE00.2019-12-10T11_59_37.logs.tar (3.1 MB)

Hi there we have punched holes in the firewall and still cant get any connections.
we can ssh to the shake and ping popular sites from it so it is getting out to the world.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


apologies for the delayed response, we were attending a conference and our main tech support, ian, is currently spending the next month in antarctica on a glacier.

looking at the log files, it appears the connection to the server is timing out when attempting to connect to port 55556. please confirm your firewall allows connections to be made through both ports 55556 and 55555, otherwise, connection to the server will fail and no data will be successfully uploaded.

what type of local network are you connected to? are you on a university network, for example? they are notoriously difficult to get through to the outside world through non-standard ports.

let me know what you find and whether or not you are able to resolve this.

warm regards,


Hello Ivor,
sorry for the delay in responding.
yes we are on an educational network and have opened up the firewall but still have some issues at the moment.
It appears traffic is going out but not coming back in.
we havent resolved this yet but not giving up yet. other work keeps getting in the way at the moment.

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