Shake isn't on StationView

I can’t see my shake (AM.R7BA9 .00.EHZ) on StationView. I can see it’s working locally and on ShakeNet, on my computer.
I’ve power cycled it and even rebooted it from an ssh session. Its front-end UI shows as RUNNING, v0.18, producer and consumer ON, stand-alone OFF, data forwarding ON, and Connected.

Logs are with my message.
Thanks for your help.


MatthieuRSH.R7BA9.2021-04-07T11 28 12.logs.tar (2.0 MB)

That’s fine. It’s working now !

Hello Matthieu, welcome to the community!

Yes, I can confirm that your station is online and currently streaming data to our servers, and visible on the ShakeApp and on StationView here: RS StationView

Sometimes it can take up to 24/48h before a new Shake is shown online, and we are working to reduce this waiting period.

Thank you for your response.
Take care.