Shake is running, but data went offline

after the switch to WLAN the Shake is online again.
However, the data is no longer displayed.
Is there anything else I can do to make it work again?

RSH.R4810.2020-12-08T08_22_33.logs.tar (1.4 MB)

Hello dasLempf, welcome to the community!

Thank you for posting the logs of your Shake. From them I can see these lines that highlight the issue:

2020 342 18:18:58: Network detection failed, unable to curl or ping common sites
2020 342 18:18:58: No internet connection found
2020 342 18:19:11: Network detection failed, unable to curl or ping common sites

and also

Data Server Conn : OFF

Network Accessible : NO

This means that the unit cannot reach our servers and correctly upload data, that’s why on StationView your stream appears blank.

This is what you can do to check. Please shut down your Shake first, then your modem/router. Wait for a couple of minutes, then restart your modem/router, and when it’s back online, please check from your pc/laptop if the following ports are open (do not start the Shake now):

port 55555 [TCP]
port 55556 [TCP]
port 123 for TCP and UDP traffic in both directions

After checking this, and opening the ports, if needed, please start your Shake again and wait for around 10 minutes. Then, by SSHing into the Shake, (here’s the guide on how to do it: can you try and ping the following addresses?

  • ping -c 10
  • ping -c 10

The first one is the Google server, while the second is our data server. The two commands will execute the exchange ten times, and your expected result is a 0% packet loss for both instances.

I’ll wait for you to try this before going forward.

Thank you very much!

after the changes to the firewall everything works again


Glad to hear it, it is usually something like that, because not all modem/routers open the relevant ports automatically.

Enjoy Shaking!