Shake 3D lock unexpectedly

Dear all,

We have some units of Raspberry Shake 3D and we have a new issue with all of them: after a short period of working (some days), these units lock unexpectedly. We can see the leds red and blue are on, but no action from the led green, it is off when happen this unexpectedly lock.

We do a ping into the IP of each unit but no one answer that.

In a first moment, we are thinking the issue could be related to the external power supply (it is the same for all of them. They are in the field to be tested and they are powere by a photovoltaic system. In order to have total control of the power supply, we bring the units to be tested at our lab that has a nobreak and power generator to assure uninterrupted power. The issue happend again after some days, we had a unexpectedly lock, exactly as before.

Be informed that the issue is not due to lack of memory (the units were with a lot of memory space available before the issue) and the units are configured to stand alone option. Also, the GPS is working and the firmware is v.18.

Please, give us a hint to try to solve this issue.

Thank you.

Best regards,