Setting up a 2nd Shake, some issues

Just setting up my 2nd RS, a 3C next to my original 1C. New one is called RA391. It’s up and running but apparently not Data Forwarding or Connected to Server. Also in Helicorder view only Z and E show data, not N. Log files attached.
RSH.RA391.2020-12-05T20_55_06.logs.tar (139 KB)

Hello jpulli,

thank you for the logs of the second Shake. From them it seems that the connection to a DNS server and the booting process of the unit itself are fine and have been completed successfully.

What I am seeing that seems wrong is that there is not set forwarding data to our servers, since the data destinations are only local.

Could you reach into the configuration page of the Shake (the one from where you got the logs), click on the Settings (Gear) icon high on the right, then the DATA tab, and then check the box Forward Data under the section Data Sharing Settings. Then, click on the button Save and Reboot.

This will enable the unit to talk to our servers, and it will be displayed on our StationView after a time.