Server returned error undefined

Hi,The last 12 hours or so I’ve been getting an error on Station view that reads…Get Events… server returned error undefined-I’ve rebooted/shutdown several times but it didn’t help…It still seems to be reading activity…ThanksRSH.R7064.2020-09-14T16_15_15.logs.tar (1.9 MB)

Hello Dave,

we are aware of the issue and we are investigating it. It should not be a problem on the client side, but we are keeping our eyes open.

As soon as I’ll be updated from the software team I will write here.

P.s. your logs are perfectly fine, if every station was like this… :smiley:

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station view? you mean here?:

that connection is to a server that really has nothing to do with your shake being connected to the server. don’t get confused that connection issues to the station view web-site have anything to do with whether or not your unit is connected to the data server.


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Thanks Richard for the info!

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