Server not connected

RSH.R7CA8.2020-04-09T04_50_24.logs.tar (2.9 MB)

Dear Raspberry shake community here we attached Raspberry sensor with internet and system , but data not receiving due to message SERVER NOT CONNECTED, need help to rectify the issue.
Nasir, Pakistan

hello nasir,

it appears that that the system is unable to resolve the data server name. there are a couple of things you can check to confirm your system is properly connected to the internet:

  1. confirm all the ports needed to be open are open. a full description of what this is can be found here. pay special attention to ports 55555 and 55556.
  2. log on to the Shake using ssh (instructions here), run the following commands, and confirm you can successfully ping both these machines:
    > ping
    > ping

and then let us know what happens.