Sensor susceptibility to interference from nearby cables

My RS3D system seems to work fine so I have been repackaging it in a waterproof box with UPS ready to deploy into a remote building. I have routed the incoming cables which include USB (GPS), CAT5e network and 240 volt mains fairly close to the 3D printed mounting block which contains all three sensors.

I read a comment about the Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi causing some interference. Was this to the sensors or the data acquisition board?

The sensors are in steel cans so I assume that they are fairly immune to the low level electromagnetic fields that surround cables. Currently the gap is about 15mm to the USB and Network cables and 30mm to the mains cable. Distances are out of sensor to outer of cable.

Before I finish-up should I consider moving the cables further away from the sensors?

Both are possible. The RF can get into the sensors, the cables or the analog circuitry.

I recommend that, yes.


Ok, it’s not the answer I was hoping for, but it would be a shame to compromise the sensitivity of the instrument for some basic mechanical layout changes. :wink:

Thank you Branden for a swift reply.

I suggest using surge protection for outside runs of Cat5/6 cable such as ITW -LINX part number : CT6-POE-RJ45 . For inside controlled environment I use APC PNET1GB at both cable ends.Surge protectors must be accessible for replacement as required.
Bottom line all long runs of copper wire to the RPI-shake unit should have lightning surge protection of some sort at both ends
Make sure ground wire goes to a good electrical earth ground.

Have a great day.

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