Seedlink server stops working frequently in offline mode

Hi All,

I am trying to run my RS unit in offline mode and have noticed that after a smooth start/run for about
1 min, the seedlink server stops and starts frequently causing the “no waveform data” message in the SWARM for data visualization. I use slinktool to check the status of the seedlink server and have attached the log files to this message! any help would be greatly appreciated.

RSH.R49B9.2022-09-02T04_08_45.logs.tar (3.3 MB)

hi hadi,

the ODF log file indicates that the data being read off the serial port (connection to the RS board) is bad, hence no data.

i would confirm all the connections are good, between geophone and the Pi.

can you provide some history for this unit? is it new? did it used to work? has any “work” been done to the HW?


Hi Richard,

An NB question, what is HW?

I think it used to work: this unit is meant to be used for educational purposes in remote parts of the country. My colleagues customized the enclosure of this unit and through that process, the power is provided by the power bank and not a direct connection to the power outlet! Do you think this can cause the problem? Also, do you think the RS board is faulty now and should be replaced?

Thank you for the help



hi hadi,

by HW, i mean the hardware, i.e., anything regarding the physical unit itself. and, from your further description, it seems the answer to that is yes.

i will have to discuss this with the hardware group to get further advice on how to proceed analyzing what the problem could be.

i will be getting back to you,


Please send photos, especially of where the RS board is connected to the RPi.

Note: Most power banks will not work with the Raspberry Pi computer. The Raspberry PI computer requires 5.1 Volts (this part is easy for power banks) and 2.5+ Amps (this is where most fail). A good engineer can overcome this limitation by joining multiple power bank outputs. I have had to hack power banks like this for my solar balloon experiments.


Hi Branden,

Please find the images below. Thanks for looking into this.

208927A5-DBED-4E1E-B673-ACE25EE10E39 D2C8C33C-3B91-44B9-8735-7FDC610F3635

Thanks Hadi.

I would like to see a photo of the RS board connected to the Pi. I want to make sure the RS board is seated on the correct pins.

Also, can you SSH into the unit?

If so, please send the output of:

sudo zgrep -a -i voltage /var/log/syslog*

Yours, branden

Hi Branden,

Would this picture be clear enough for what you are after? Also, I have attached the log file as requested.

voltage_report.txt (343.3 KB)

Thanks, heaps for your help!



Photo looks good Hadi- the RS is properly seated on the RPi. Hello from ESC in Romania.

From the logs I can see that the problem is the battery. The battery is not providing the required 5.1 Volts to power the Raspberry Pi computer. When fixed, these “undervoltage” messages will go away.

Yours, branden

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