Rsudp Starting Problem

Hello, my RSUDP is having problems with starting, it is stuck in a code: “Waiting for UDP data on port 8888” on the RSUDP starting document. (win-start-rsudp)

Thank you.


Check your Raspberry Shake config at RS.LOCAL, and check to see if datacast is turned on.


Hello jboutet,

as K2PI suggested, this happens because the Shake is not configured to send data through the UDP port.

Please refer to these two tutorial videos that our Ian has prepared for us:

Hello, how can I see that datacast is turned on?


The 2nd video, first few frames, that setting is displayed on screen. The video steps through the procedure completely.

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Hello jboutet,

The instructions to set up a UDP stream from the Shake are at this section in our manual: Raspberry Shake Data Producer UDP Port Output — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

It is pretty straightforward, you will simply need the IP address of the machine where RSUDP will be working and the port (which normally is 8888). Both are to be inserted in the Settings → Datacast section on rs.local.

I have the same problem. The prompt code is stuck as Waiting for UDP data on port 8888. I’ve checked rs.local and I already configured my target host id and target port. Also, I’ve already modify the json file according to the yt instructions. But I still have the same problem.

Hello TUPRS4D, and welcome to the community!

In this case, I would check if the port 8888 is open on your local network by accessing the administrator/control panel of your modem/router and verifying there.

I had the same problem with my newest router, and then after a bit of searching, I found that the port was not open, and I had to do it manually for RSUDP to see the live data streaming from the Shake. As there are hundreds of models of modems/routers, I cannot offer precise instructions on how to do so, but you will likely have to add an exception for port 8888 to the Shake IP address.