RS4 stopped working suddenly

After all these years of operation, a portion of my RS suddenly stopped working. I wasn’t doing anything with it or the program. I unplugged it and let it reboot itself. It rebooted and the geophone portion seems to be okay, but I don’t see any output from the 3 accelerometers. Just a flat straight line. Here is the Log File attached. RSH.R29F6.2020-11-16T00_17_39.logs.tar (4.3 MB)
It is powered by a UPS so there were no power glitches involved.
Gary G

Now the accelerometers are working again…Strange, can you look at the log files and tell me what caused this to occur in the first place…
Gary G

Hello Gary,

This is quite a strange event, but I am nonetheless glad that the accelerometers now work again.

The only thing I can see from the data on our servers is that there was no upload between approximately 22:20 UTC and 00:10 UTC, for all the four channels of your RS4D.

Other than that, the logs do not show any particular error for the accelerometers, so I think that their missing output was due to the fact that (from what I understand from your message) you pulled the plug instead of shutting it down or rebooting through the rs.local interface.

It is always recommended to do that instead of unplugging it, to avoid any potential problem to the microSD card and the electronics in the Shake. Unless, naturally, it is the last resource event, when you have tried anything and the only thing left is that one.

Thank you, Stormchaser, for looking at the logfile. It is still a mystery. To be more detailed, the RS4D stopped communicating with the wireless router, (a Portal Wireless Router), and thus there was no data showing on the computer’s SWARM program. The RS4D lights were still on. I checked the router to see if the RS4D was a connected device to the router, and it was no longer showing on the router’s device list. Because the RS4D was not connected to the LAN, I was not able to bring it up via computer with its local address, That is when I decided to unplug the RS4D, wait 30 seconds, and then replug the power plug. It then came up with the EHZ channel data, but no accelerometer data. And then after a minute or so the acceleroometers showed their data comping through. It is still working normally today with the SWARM program, but it is still a mystery as to why it was disconnected from my LAN in the first place.

At first, I thought that SWARM program was at fault. SWARM normally stops displaying the RS4D data, about every 48 - 72 hours, when the program’s cache fills up. Normally, I just empty the cache in SWARM, and click on the “Layout” in the SWARM program, and data continues to display again normally. This time it didn’t.

Thanks for further elaborating on the issue you had, Gary.

It is indeed a strange glitch, and well, it could be useful if another Shaker will have a similar (or the same) experience. Thank you again!