RS3D seems online (Data Forwarding ON, Server Connection: Connected), but station is shown as offline


we set up our RS3D, changed the settings (location,…) and as result Data Forwarding is ON and also Server Connection shows status “Connected”.
Unfortunately in shakenet our station (R7EA7) is shown as offline. (Sidenote: Connection to jAmaSeis is working well)
I attached our Logfiles and a screenshot. It would be nice if somebody could help us.RSH.R7EA7.2022-02-08T14_08_09.logs.tar (924.5 KB)

Hello DSLBA, welcome to our community!

Thank you for the screenshot and the logs. Nothing seems out of place, and, in fact, your Shake is live streaming data on our services here: RS StationView

It may take up to 24h before a new unit appears on our platforms, even if, in most cases, it takes less than that.