RS1D Version

How or where may I determine what version of my RS1D that I have. I am operating with OS .15, but do not know the version of my board.

Hello Jerry,

The best way is to simply look on your board. The version number is always printed there.

In more recent hardware versions, we started incorporating the board version number into the Firmware Version that can be read by the software. Before that, we just used a list of translations from firmware version to hardware version.

For example, line 9 in the myshake.out file you download in your logs says “Firmware Version” and the number after that gives you the version of firmware that goes with your hardware. For V4 & V5, you will see a number there that looks like RS-1.12.


Thank you sir. I have Ver. 5. I was reluctant to crawl under the desk in the HOT garage & thought I’d ask. Is there a log somewhere with version upgrades? Mine is working GREAT; I’m just curious.

Yes, there is!