RS1D Placement

Hi there,

I am looking at setting up a new RS1D but only have access to placing it on the 5th and top floor of a building. I know it is recommended to keep on the ground floor, however, I cant find any ground floor options right now.

Will placing it on the top floor have a vast difference than placing it on the ground floor? What are the major differences?

Thank you.

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Hello VS1,

Yes, there are cases in which is impossible to put Shakes on the lowest floor of a building, and then there is the need to compromise with a higher one to install it.

The differences will mainly be in increased local noise amplitude, since the Shake will be more affected by the building sway with the wind, for example, that will make a bit harder to detect smaller local earthquakes, or fainter distant ones.

The amount of local noise will, unfortunately, only be seen once you have installed it and monitored its signal for some days/week. It could be minimal, or it could be more significative, but it is not possible to determine this beforehand.

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