RS1d in online but

A friend has rs1d and station is visible but I think can not produce data.

Here log files…

RSH.R9E2E.2023-02-21T06 25 26.logs.tar (3.1 MB)


Hello Marco,

Thank you for the logs from that Shake. From them, it appears that, at the start, the Shake was not able to find an internet connection:

2023 051 07:45:08: No internet connection found
2023 051 07:45:22: Unable to resolve hostname '', most likely no DNS server available

but this problem seems to have been solved.

These lines in the logs, however, can tell us more:

2023 052 05:51:23>>	AAšEBaƒaÐFc YâEÁHE
2023 052 05:51:23>>	t¤UBU;$aáEš
2023 052 05:51:23>>		16034	440
2023 052 05:51:23>>	No Data has been received from the MCU in 12 read attempts.It appears the MCU is not transmitting data.  This is a fatal condition and should be investigated if this condition persists!
2023 052 05:51:23>>	Data has been successfully received, fatal condition resolved.

As you can see, there are errors mixed with some ‘gibberish’ that cannot be successfully interpreted. My first thought would be to check and see if the power supply is delivering a stable voltage between 5.0 and 5.2V and a current of at least 2.5A at all times, as a decrease in power could lead to data services interruption. If you have another Pi power supply that you know is in working condition, please try to exchange the current one with that, and see if the Shake now properly boots.

A second check that you can do is to see if all the connections between the sensor, the blue Shake board, and the Pi board are still solid and free from dirt or any other element that could compromise transmission. This is important, in particular, if the Shake is located in an environment where dust or moisture can affect it. If needed, you can find assembly guides here in our manual: Assembly Guide — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

When doing this, please make sure you are using proper ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) protection (such as gloves, etc.), as electronics do not like static electricity too much.

Thank you for your collaboration.