RS Station unresponsive after unusual data recorded

My RS, which had been working fine prior to a vacation, was unresponsive when I returned. When I saw there was no live stream, I viewed the helicorder data and saw some strange, out of range, responses, then it flatlined at some point. Now when I visit the web interface remotely, there are no options, including to download the log files. I can ssh into the machine, so I downloaded logs remotely to attach here. Station AM.RB00C. Images below show issue with web interface and weird data collected prior to “no data”. Maybe I need to re-image and start over? (210.0 KB)

Hello jsbenner,

Thank you for contacting us about this issue. It is indeed very unusual, together with the logs (thanks for those) that you have attached.

The postboot is simply empty, while other log files show strings of errors that could be associated with some kind of corruption. Do you perchance know if there was a power cut in your area while you were away?

In any case, re-burning is what I would advise too. It is the fastest way to get back online. I will leave the burning instructions here for your convenience:

If even this fails, then you can try to swap the Rasberry Pi board (the one below the blue Shake board) with a new one (remember that, when doing this, the Shake code/name will change) and see if, paired together with a newly burned microSD, this solved the problem.

Thanks! Yes, it is entirely possible there was a power cut and/or surge in our building while I was away. I will give re-imaging a shot.