RS shake - has two id's. One starting S and one starting R

I have been using an RS1D since February 2019. It’s id was R63B4 under rs.local and swarm/myshake. However, in station view and shakenet/myshake it 's id was S63B4. Also had to use S63B4 if retrieving archived data from the fdsnws server (using obspy). All has been okay with this situation, but I have just started using an RS3D board (pi B+ and SDcard from the RS1D). Rs.local and swarm are R63B4 (z,n,e) and shakenet/myshake has S63B4 (z,n,e). The problem is that while I can see my data in swarm, no stream appears in the shakenet dashboard, and it is not in station view. I also haven’t been able download data from the fdsnws server for the RS3D data.
UPDATE: I have since done a reboot and it is back running. Rs.local and swarm/myshake as R63B4 and shakenet, station view and as S63B4. Why do I have two id’s ?RSH.R63B4.2020-12-13T09 43 46.logs.tar (3.5 MB)

Hello mjohnp, welcome to the community!

The difference lays in the fact that, as written in our manual page regarding the naming convention for the Shakes

The StationCode is generated automatically by using the last 4 digits of the Raspberry Pi computer’s unique hardware address (commonly referred to as the 'MAC' address) and appending them to the letter 'R'.

However, it can happen that even with this method, some Raspberry Pi boards will create the same Station Code. To avoid any overlapping and consequent errors, the Shake is then automatically renamed changing the R in S when it goes online on ShakeNet.

Many thanks for the feedback, it was very helpful.



you’re welcome, no problem at all!