Retrieving data with capstool

Hi shakers!

I haven’t have success in retrieving data with capstool from an channel-access to the datacenter that I adquired.

Are there any tutorials for this?

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Hello _Tlaloc, welcome to our community!

When the secure access has been granted, you should have received a list containing host, port, user, and password.

One capstool connection syntax is: capstool -H host:port -s -c user:password -Q

You can find more information on the command at this page here.

Dear @Stormchaser ,

Thank you very much for your answer!

I have been struggling with the basic installation of capstool. Alternatively, I could use the caps_plugin of seiscomp. After this command, I don’t get any errors, but nothing happens…

/home/user/seiscomp/share/plugins/seedlink/caps_plugin -I caps:// -f /home/user/seiscomp/var/lib/seedlink/ -j /home/user/seiscomp/var/lib/seedlink/ --max-time-diff 86400

Is this the right place to get some help on this?

Hello Tlaloc,

You’re welcome, no problem at all!

You may need to log in with capss with double s because this is a SSL connection. In this way:


You can find more information and the correct syntax about this here

Also, since you are a seiscomp user, I think that you can freely reach up gempa and ask them any questions that you have in mind, since they are the developers of that software. I’ll add the link to their support page for your convenience.

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