Reset email using SSH

There’s an error in the email address of my RShake, but when I try to correct it using the web interface, it hangs in Save and Exit when trying to reboot.
An alternative would be to change the address using SSH.
But where is the email address stored?


sorry for the late reply, lots going on around here…

glad you found the file for yourself, but we decline to advertise this information publicly since, as an internal aspect of the system, this can change at any time, on our whim.

sounds too like you got the early version of the latest update, to v0.18, that contained a bug where the reboot command through the web interface was broken. the fix for this will again be provided as part of the next update. in the meantime, feel free to use the command rsh-restart to restart the data services.



Thanks for the info Richard.

I’m relieved that the problem with reboot from the web is not my SD card.
It’s a remote site that is not easy to get to right now.

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