Re: [Raspberry Shake] [Announcements] BIG NEWS: The ShakeNet Mobile App on Android is here!

kpjamro Power User
May 13

I like it. But the “stations” button is not producing any live data trace
for me.

And there may be something odd in the quake database. It is showing M6.0 in
Maine a couple days ago - I don’t think that happened.

It also


yes, the event list is a bit wonky at the moment, but will be fixed within the next hour or so… i will update this issue when it has happened.

as regards the stations button, it is working for me when i select the station in brittany, france, R0B29. the trace at the bottom advances every 6 seconds or so. (the update frequence is due to how the data is packetized, as compressed data. so data is only received once a full packet has been filled, every 6 seconds or so when the signal contains mostly ambient noise. during a large event, the update frequency would increase.)

glad you like it!


hi again,

the event list has been updated. and since the data download is efficiently managed, you will need to clear the APP’s data to refresh the list. (we are now considering adding our own “clear cache” functionality in the app itself for future cases.)

clearing the APP’s data is done via the phone’s SETTINGS app itself:
Apps => ShakeNet => Storage => Clear Data

close the APP before clearing the cache to avoid any potential conflicts.

this will also clear your login info, so when you open the APP again, you will need to log in again. and when you do, the events list will be renewed.

apologies for the inconvenience,