RaspberryShake & SWARM

Was wondering why i can get an adjusted SWARM version from my friends and RaspberryShake Tech seems not doing some with SWARM ?

Is not a criticism, just a question

Hi Hans, which setting in this image is different? There is a config file (Swarm.config) that you can edit to set some of these things before booting it up.

SWARM’s documentation is here, which may help you set up some of the parameters in the config file.


Hi Ian,

The version I have is an adjusted one by group of guys including a friend of mine, the program at Github on it.

The version I have now have a few options extra then the official released version and give more info, so was wondering if that’s also an option for the RS Fanatics / users todo some with it ?


Happy weekend,


Hi Hans, I haven’t played around with the newer versions of SWARM. The most recent version of SWARM as of now is 2.8.11 which is three versions ahead of the one we package with our release. When we release a new Shake OS version this year, we will package whatever the stable SWARM version is at the time. You are free to use one of the newer versions until then, but it won’t be available at the web front end link until Shake OS version 16 is out.